Stopping Z Wobble

Chris Newton

Founder & Editor of Newton's Box. I am a 3D printing enthusiast who loves to tinker and design in my spare time with my FDM & SLA printers.

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  1. PlasticFantastic says:

    This post is great but I am still having trouble with my z axis wobble. I have printed myself some clips similar to the one you have done but the wobble doesn’t seem to go away. What else can I do?

    • Chris Newton says:

      Have you tried moving the positions of the clips to see if it has any effect at all, the anti wobble clips keep your z axis rods in a firm position but not to firm that the movement of the rods are restricted, maybe add a little oil to lubricate it if its to tight.

      I am assuming your printer is on threaded rods like mine pictured, if you are using a lead screw design then you may want to look at getting a bracket more appropriate such as this: the bracket moves with the x axis as it climbs up the z axis.

      if your printer has belts on the x axis then make sure it is tight but not too tight that it restricts movement.

      Failing that then you may have a stepper problem, check your z axis motors are connected properly and the motors move freely, also look at downloading the latest firmware for your RAMPS/Arduino board or named manufacturer.

      I hope this helps, keep us updated on your developments.

      • PlasticFantastic says:

        I have threaded rods like the one in the example picture. I have used lubricant, printed a belt tension clip and I have checked all the motor connections. With little improvement, I will look at firmware next.

        Thanks for your help!

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